Our association

The voluntary organization Éducation Sensible et Conscience Parentale ESCPA opens its heart to children and adults born an orphan and those put up for adoption, pregnant women and future mothers who plan to give their children for adoption, and any other person related to the adoption process. For pregnant women and expectant mothers who intend to give their children for adoption, the voluntary organization offers an information for the psychological and emotional life of the orphan-born child. The identity of these future mothers is protected and no judgment is made. This step must should be provoked from the voluntary approach of the future mother. The voluntary organization is created to provide psychological support to any person concerned through themed workshops that offer everyone the opportunity to be informed and participate in subjects related to the adoption-adopted relationship, caring parenting, child development through the affective and social neuroscience and also allows everyone to express his feelings, questions, fears and hopes freely.

We all encounter difficult situations or events at certain periods of time in our lives, we do not have the same journey, nor the same base of experiences. We cannot change our past, but we can guide the direction of our future. We have control over our future and thanks to our experiences from the past, we can take control of our lives today and now.

The first period that differentiates us from each other is our prenatal life. The voice, the care, the love of our mothers and fathers. Some of us feel them, some of us don’t. Some of us will come into the world eagerly awaited, others not so much. There will be those who will be hugged in arms offering warmth, security, comfort, and there will be those who will lack it for a long time...

The child is not an object that must be "chosen" or "abandoned" because of his gender, skin color or health status. The child is a human being in the same way as we are all and, if he is among us it is because he has the right to exist and the duty to be loved.

A person with unknown roots lives his present and future as a building built with fragile or unstable foundations.

The voluntary organization Éducation Sensible et Conscience Parentale ESCPA is not intended to provide assistance with the adoption procedures or formalities, but psychological and emotional support through verbal exchanges.

Based in Nice, the voluntary organization opens its arms not only to the citizens of Nice and also to every person of French or foreign nationality who is concerned by the subject of adoption. While administrative formalities are specific to each country, the psychic that connect us all is universal.

We look forward to receiving any help that may allow us to extend the scope of our mission, so that we can help the many people involved.

Awareness does not mean forgetting or denying, but understand and learn from our past for the benefit of the future that belongs to us.

                                                                                             Let us be aware!