Milla Di Gregorio is an Art Historian, Personal Development and Parental Coach (Leora Coaching), essayist, polyglot, passionate about psychology and human relations for nearly thirty years. Always linked to psychological support, she decides to put her personal passions into practice and follows the certification training courses Child Psychology and Personal Development.

She attends several conferences and workshops presenting the latest studies in affective and social neurosciences, the principles of education and caring parenting, areas that develop her knowledge of the subject matter of her research and allow her to be informed about the latest scientific news.

As a natural continuation of her researches, the creation of the voluntary organisation Éducation Sensible et Conscience Parentale ESCPA take adoption and its psychological interactions as a central subject.

For love of writing, Milla Di Gregorio is also the website Éducation Sensible’s author, which allows her to express her personal thoughts and also her reflections on children's education.

She is fluent in English, Italian, French and Bulgarian, which allows her to communicate and popularize the main topics internationally; her knowledge of Russian and Spanish also helps her in her research to gather and connect important information from foreign sources.

Thanks to the psychology, she decides to participate in the awareness and desire of every person, at any age, who need to regain his own inner freedom.

Convinced that personal development is foremost an individual voluntary work, she believes that external help could guide us towards more complete awareness and can show us different ways and possibilities to live a fulfilled life.

Milla Di Gregorio is married and mother of a boy.